May 5, 2022

White Boot Storytelling

The White Boot Stroll festival is a chance to experience true, authentic Cajun culture in an atmosphere that welcomes you as one of our own. People travel miles down to Louisiana’s Bayou Country to get a taste of our rich and delicious cuisine, to find cultural keepsakes in the forms of arts and crafts and this year, they will be the first to experience our Cajun heritage filled with different languages and traditions through the spoken words of locals at the White Boot Storytelling.

We have a unique shared experience here in Louisiana’s Bayou Country. We use storytelling as a vehicle to connect to our past, share ideas and help us grow as a community. Learn all about the hardships and triumphs that paved the way for many in our community as we use storytelling to define and connect us as a Bayou community.

What better place to house our storytelling event than at our new White Boot Stroll attraction – the Porch Life.

Created in the same spirit as its parent project, Music Box Village in New Orleans, Porch Life is a two and a half story mobile musical house full of playable musical architecture. Porch Life is a communal “front porch” for local community members to tell their stories first and foremost, but it was also designed to be played by the public and professional musicians alike to improvise, compose and create new music from the sounds of the neighborhoods and homes we inhabit.

Stay tuned for our storytelling line up and be sure to join us for the White Boot Stroll on Saturday, May 28, in Historic Downtown Houma!

The Porch Life

The Porch Life