April 29, 2019

What Did They Say? Cajun Words of the Day: Part 1

There’s no denying Louisianans have a way with words. We’ll turn a phrase just because it’s Sunday. But did you know that many of the unique qualities of our language are derived from other languages? We’re going to dive into that in part one of What Did They Say? Cajun Words of the Day!

Boudin (BOO-dan) : Simply put, boudin is a traditional sausage of Cajun Country, made with pork and rice in a natural casing. But it is so much more than that! Love songs can be written about this dish. There’s something undeniably indulgent about the flavor of this savory masterpiece, and with it available at just about every grocery store, butcher shop and even gas station in southern Louisiana, you’re never too far away from a tasty snack.

Gonfler (GAHN-flay): Have you ever been so full after a meal that you feel as though your stomach has expanded? That’s gonfler. Literally meaning, “to inflate,” it’s that feeling you have when you’ve finished your dinner and then someone says bread pudding, and you can’t say no to bread pudding.

Envie (Ãn-vee): Some words just do not translate well and, to me, envie is one of those words. The closest English word seems to be “desire” but there’s even more longing involved. If you are experiencing an envie, you’re willing to do some pretty desperate things for it, such as calling Scarlet Scoop at 10:00 PM to see if they have pop rouge ice cream. (been there)

So, to bring this all together, here are your words of the day used in a sentence:
May your envie for a visit to Bayou Country leave you gonfler’d with boudin.