February 27, 2019

Know Before You Go: Mardi Gras

Mardi Gras in the Houma area is a festive, family-friendly experience that we look forward to all year long. It is a time of parades, music, dancing, King Cake and friendship! For those unfamiliar with the festivities though, we’ve put together the following “Know Before You Go” tips to be sure you have the best time at a Bayou Country Mardi Gras.

• Look Up: Being on the biggest outdoor parties in the country, Mardi Gras can be quickly affected by weather. Be sure to check the forecast to “know before you go” to the parade route. Also, be sure to check your resources, such as Houma TravelHouma Today or The Times, for any parade cancelations or rescheduling that may occur due to weather.

 The Early Bird Gets the Spot: When you visit HoumaTravel.com, you’ll get a full list of parades and their start times. It is important to note; however, it is important to “know before you go” that streets begin to close up to an hour before the parade’s start time. Be sure to scope out a spot that you would like for your family and try to be there early.

• Know Before You “Go”: Restrooms are a notorious subject during Mardi Gras celebrations. As you and your family will be spending time outdoors, you will want to be sure restrooms are available. Many local businesses do have restroom facilities available, so you may want to consider this when choosing your parade location. Portable restrooms are often seen on the routes, but please do check to see if these are for public use. If you find a portable restroom in a tent or behind a fence, it was likely rented by a private group.

• Keep It Safe: Be sure to practice basic safety during Mardi Gras celebrations. For example, it is highly recommended by local law enforcement to travel in groups, not leave valuables in vehicles and to practice the see something/say something policy. Additionally, there are some local Mardi Gras specific safety issues to consider.

o Silly string has been banned within 300 feet of any parade route within the parish on the day of a parade.
o Laser pointers are not allowed on parade routes.
o Glass containers are not allowed within a distance of 500 feet of a parade route two hours prior, during and one hour following a parade.
o For safety, it is considered unlawful for any person to hold a child over 6 years old in his/her arms, on his/her back or shoulders within 10 feet of a parade float or other parade viewers.

• Bring a Big Bag: Bayou Country Mardi Gras is known for being generous. Be sure you bring a big bag to the parade to take home the many beads, cups and souvenirs that will come your way.

Enjoy your time in the Houma area this Mardi Gras and, as we say, Laissez les bon temps roulez.