March 7, 2024

Tales from the Trail: A&B Seafood


It’s that time of year, again: when the smell of Cajun spices and seafood wafts on the breeze throughout Louisiana; when boil pots are pulled from their storage sheds and given a baptismal rinse from the hose; when two, three, even half a dozen hand-washings can’t erase the spice from your fingers, the smelly beacon of pride letting everyone you encounter know that your last meal was superior. It’s crawfish season, folks. And if you’re looking for a heap of delicious crawdads, check out A&B Seafood.

Crawfishing in Terrebonne Parish is considerably different than the more controlled methods of crawfish farming in the central part of the state. Mitch Aucoin, owner of A&B Seafood and tugboat captain “by trade,” has been fishing, boiling and selling seafood since he was in high school. He described the Lower Atchafalaya crawfishing as “wild caught fishing”. “We’re not like the farmers,” he said. “The farmers can control the water, they can pop ‘em out the ground by draining the water, they got ‘em at their fingertips. We’ve gotta kinda wait ’til it comes.”

A&B is lauded for their boils. Crawfish, shrimp and crabs remain the favorite, served with the usual corn, sausage, and potatoes all soaked in their signature crawfish seasoning “bomb”—which is so particular, Aucoin said, that they were unsuccessful in outsourcing it and have to make it themselves, using a secret red pepper that is low on the Scoville scale but packed with flavor.

The Bayou Country Crawfish Trail lays out a culinary road map of the 40+ establishments in the area that offer the delectable crustacean. Trail stops range from take-out seafood markets and drive-thru boil houses to family-friendly Cajun restaurants with lots of character. Ready to hit the Trail? Explore Houma has packaged up everything you’ll need. The downloadable Trail Guide includes a map and listings of all Trail locations, as well as a print-at-home tracker for checking off all the delicious places you’ll visit!

Visit A&B Seafood today or visit any other stop along our Bayou Country Crawfish Trail!


A&B Seafood

5990 West Main St.

Houma, Louisiana 70360

(985) 580-4311


Provided by Country Roads Magazine “The Adventure Issue”