May 2, 2024

A Little Faith in Shrimp

Faith Family Shrimp, located in Chauvin, Louisiana, offers a unique glimpse into the world of shrimp fishing and processing. Owned by Chad and Angela Portier, this family-operated business at 8167 Redfish Street showcases the journey of Louisiana wild-caught shrimp from their commercial fishing vessels to the consumer’s table. They emphasize the finest quality of shrimp, underscoring their commitment to the local seafood industry.

For National Shrimp Day, visitors can engage in the various activities offered by Faith Family Shrimp, such as guided tours which explain the drying process of shrimp and other insights into the industry. These tours are designed to provide a comprehensive understanding of shrimp harvesting and processing, making it a fitting celebration for National Shrimp Day. The tours are an opportunity to appreciate the local culture and the significant role shrimp fishing plays in Terrebonne Parish.

In addition to tours, Faith Family Shrimp also engages in local community events and is an active participant in the vibrant cultural landscape of Louisiana’s bayou country, contributing to local festivals and culinary events​.

For more detailed information or to plan a visit, you can check out their offerings here.