July 12, 2023

Hurricane Season in Bayou Country

In South Louisiana, we are accustomed to five seasons: Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter and Hurricane Season.

If you like to travel year-round, many experts say that traveling during hurricane season is perfectly fine. It is advisable that you know what to do in case one occurs, but for the most part, travelers who vacation during this season have an amazing trip and return home full of happy memories.

So, don’t stress too much if you are thinking about planning a trip between June 1 and November 20. Being prepared can help take the worries away if something does come up!


We’ve compiled several resource links to guide you through traveling to Bayou Country during Hurricane Season.


1. Many want to “unplug” when traveling, but if you are traveling during hurricane season, it is recommended to check in to the weather app and National Hurricane Center to stay up to date on weather conditions or potential threats.
National Hurricane Center (noaa.gov)

Local Weather Forecasts & Radar Maps – Track Live Storms & Warnings (weatherforecastonline.net)


2. If you are in Bayou Country when a hurricane is heading in our direction or makes landfall, we advise that you stay connected to Terrebonne Parish Consolidated Government for the latest information and emergency guides.
Emergency Event Information (tpcg.org)



Terrebonne Parish Office of Homeland Security and Emergency Preparedness | Facebook