Chauvin & East Houma Bayou Bash and Cleanup

April 6, 2024 @ 11:00 am

5016 Hwy 56, Chauvin, LA

Be the Change that you want to see in our community. Volunteer your time at an event within the community.
We need more involvement. April 6th will be the CHAUVIN BAYOU BASH CLEAN UP & EAST HOUMA: TRASH TO TREASURE CLEAN UP!
🧹 🧼🫧🧽🗑️🚮
It’s Time to STEP UP and STEP OUT!
Are you ready to be the change-makers in our community? It’s time for the **CHAUVIN BAYOU BASH CLEAN UP & EAST HOUMA: TRASH TO TREASURE CLEAN UP!** 🌍✨
We’re calling on all sports teams, dance teams, flag teams, clubs, and bands to step up, show off your school spirit, and take on the ultimate challenge of transforming our environment from trashy to treasure-filled! 🌟
– **1st Place:** A cool $400 💰
– **2nd Place:** A solid $200 🎈
– **3rd Place:** A sweet $100 🎁
This one will consist of 5 judges away from our area. Rules will be following soon.
(The money for these prizes comes from my council paychecks)
**Date to Remember: April 6th** – Mark your calendars, gather your teams, and let’s make a difference together!
📢 Who’s ready to accept the challenge? 📢
Stay tuned for the upcoming details on RULES and how to register. This is your chance to not only win big but also to create a lasting impact on our community.
Let’s come together, have fun, and turn East Houma and Chauvin into places we’re all proud to call home!
🌟 Let’s make history! Gear up for greatness and let’s dive into making our community a better place for everyone! 🌟
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