September 19, 2019

This Event is Going to be MEGA & Here’s Why You Should Attend

Houma is home to some of the most unique events Louisiana has to offer, but this year one stands out as a can not miss. GeoCoinFest 2019 will be held in the heart of Bayou Country and is the place for all geocachers, novice to expert. With outstanding events, limited time cache challenges and great company, join us as we break down the top reasons you need to attend GeoCoinFest 2019.

1. New to the game?: Even if you have never geocached a day in your life, GeoCoinFest is a great place to get started. You will meet so many people who are willing to share their expertise, making your first geocaching experience all the more memorable. And what better time to start than when you can be in the company of a few hundred of your newest friends?

2. So Many Events: Houma Travel will be bringing all the best of Bayou Country to GeoCoinFest 2019, with exciting events for the whole family. These include the Early Bird Pool Party where you can meet and mingle with fellow geocachers, the Mardi Gras Experience where you will get up close to real Mardi Gras floats, Louisiana food and music, and the See You Later, Alligator event where you can hold a baby alligator while saying goodbye to your new friends.


3. Bayou Country Environment: With over 2500 square miles of wetlands to explore, geocaching in Houma is a truly unique experience. If you take on either phase of the Houma Travel Geotour while at GeoCoinFest 2019, you will be taken to nature preserves, wildlife management areas, birdwatching decks, and boardwalks in the coastal wetlands. The beauty of the bayou is worth the trip alone.


4. Cache Challenges: Houma Travel and the Louisiana Geocaching Association will be unveiling several new series of geocaches that will only be available during this event. Check out a series that will explore the history, culture and nature of our destination as a part of your trip.

5. MEGA: Geocaching headquarters offers the designation of MEGA to events with an estimated attendance of 500+, and GeoCoinFest 2019 is a MEGA! This means you will have the opportunity to meet and share stories with cachers from around the country. Bring your favorite coins and trade stories of how you got them. Bring sketches of coin ideas that you have and chat with manufacturers about how they could become a reality.

GeoCoinFest 2019 will be held September 27-29 in Houma, Louisiana, with the main event happening September 28 from 9:00AM – 1:00PM at the Courtyard by Marriott Houma. For more information on the event, visit