November 1, 2017

The Houma Area Convention and Visitors Bureau Opens Executive Director Position

Executive Director Job Opening
Houma Area Convention and Visitors Bureau

The Houma Area Convention and Visitors Bureau is accepting resumes for the position of Executive Director.

Organization Overview

The Houma Area Convention and Visitors Bureau is a political subdivision of the state of Louisiana and is legislatively designated as the official agency responsible for the marketing, development, and promotion of tourism in Terrebonne Parish.  The mission of the bureau is to create the Houma area as a premier destination to attract visitors for overnight stays thus enhancing the economic impact on the entire community.

Summary of Position

This position serves as the chief operating officer of the Bureau reporting to the Board of Directors.  The Executive Director will have overall operational and fiscal responsibility for the CVB. The successful candidate will be charged with the development and implementation of mission advancing strategic objectives with guidance and direction from the Board of Directors. The CVB staff will report to the Executive Director. Limited travel will be required.

Education Qualifications

A Bachelor’s degree in public relations, hospitality management, communications, journalism, marketing or other related business fields and a minimum of 5 years of relevant experience in upper-level management in the tourism industry or a not-for-profit organization is required. A tourism industry or not-for-profit professional certification or designation is a plus. The successful candidate must possess a valid driver’s license.

Professional and Personal Traits
The successful candidate must possess the following:
• The ability to lead staff, coach, motivate, manage, and develop high-performance teams, set and achieve strategic objectives, and develop/manage a budget
• Unquestionable ethics and integrity
• Understanding and experience with the functions and management of a tourism entity
• Proven ability to organize, manage multiple priorities and meet deadlines
• A professional persona with strong interpersonal and team-player leadership skills
• A history and commitment to community involvement
• Strategic thinking, problem solving and negotiation skills
• A self-starter with the ability to perform duties when needed, including evenings and weekends
• Customer focus with good customer service skills
• Creative thinker with a forward vision
• Effective and persuasive presentation skills
• Proven proficiency in written and oral communications skills
• Marketing, advertising, public relations, event planning, and fundraising experience with the ability to engage a wide range of stakeholders and cultures
• Ability to work effectively in collaboration with diverse groups of people
• Ability to build advocacy within the industry in support of major legislative issues
• Knowledge of state governance
• A strong passion for the history and cultures of the area
• Strong computer skills including proficiency with Microsoft 365
• Current understanding of major Social Media platforms

Duties and Responsibilities
• Responsible for the hiring, firing and supervision of all staff and volunteers
• Serves as custodian of Bureau records, meeting minutes, contracts, resolutions and other documents
• Operation of the Bureau in full compliance with all laws and regulations related to its operation
• Work closely with the Board of Directors in the strategic planning process and day-to-day operations of the Bureau
• Development of an annual Strategic Marketing Plan to be presented to the Board of Directors for approval
• Development of an annual budget approved by the Board of Directors in compliance with all applicable Louisiana statutes
• Direct supervision over all Bureau financial management
• Responsibility to be the official spokesperson for the HACVB in a professional manner knowing how to interact with all facets of the media
• Provide vision and strategic insight to the Board of Directors for fulfilling the mission of the CVB utilizing input from multiple sources, including all staff members
• Set and direct priorities for program activities in a manner consistent with the strategic plan and intent of the Board
• Identify new opportunities to leverage resources to maximize the impact and ROI of marketing and promotions for the Houma area domestically and internationally
• Represent the interests of the tourism industry in state, local and national organizations which can affect industry performance in the Houma area
• Research and review all industry trends to ensure the Bureau is current and directing marketing and promotions in a direction to achieve maximum Return on Investment
• Review industry publications and attend industry training sessions to maintain current knowledge of the thinking and critical issues facing the industry
• Serve on community boards and/or Task Forces
• Attendance at state, local and national industry conventions and trade shows which enhance the Bureau’s ability to accomplish its mission
• Assess accomplishments and review failures, reporting on them to the Board for future actions

• Develop necessary organizational processes and structures
• Set the operational policies for the CVB, and oversee their proper execution
• Assemble and manage the CVB staff, ensuring the CVB attracts and retains the talent necessary to successfully carry out its programs and mission; hire and terminate staff members as necessary while keeping the CVB Board Chair promptly informed of any disciplinary actions required or any problems or unusual matters of significance
• Maintain a work environment conducive to positive employee morale, and shall maintain an open-door policy on employee concerns, suggestions, and problems
• Lead staff discussions regarding strategic, operational and tactical issues on a regular basis
• Functional delegation administration to subordinate employees to facilitate effective handling of some programs with responsibility to the Board of Directors for all areas
• Manage the customer experience and maintain the integrity of the Louisiana Bayou Country’s Visitor Center
• Maintain the Bureau offices and building in good working order

Board Responsibilities
• Work with the Board Chair to structure and guide Board Meetings in compliance with all applicable Louisiana Statutes
• Report monthly to the Board on the activities of the CVB and progress toward meeting strategic objectives
• Keep the Board Chair informed as to events and actions required prior to Board meetings
• Responsible for the timely distribution and posting of meeting agendas and publishing of minutes in accordance with Louisiana Statutes
• Advise the board on matters of bylaw and policy observation and practice
• Propose policy and by-laws updates and make all directed updates as per Board direction
• Identify legislative issues and policies requiring the attention of the Board

• Work with various vendors and/or advertising agencies to continually enhance and upgrade the marketing and branding of the Bureau
• Prepare and present the Bureau’s annual marketing plan to the Board for approval
• Prepare advertising and promotional materials outlined in the annual marketing plan
• Ensure all fulfillment pieces are current, in-stock and meet the needs of the current visitor and are reaching the visitor in a timely fashion
• Be an active sales representative for Houma in all markets
• Manage the Bureau’s role as a supplier of services to ensure the visitor’s needs are met and their overall experience was excellent

• Ensure the CVB operates within the financial parameters approved by the Board and are compliant with all applicable Louisiana Statutes
• Provides oversight over all financial management and is responsible for the financial health of the organization
• Ensure all Financial Reports are distributed to the Board monthly and a discussed as an agenda item during all Board meetings
• Prepare and propose the annual budget for CVB operations and activities to the CVB Board at the October meeting.  Ensure all publishing requirements are followed and approve the budget at the November meeting following a Public Hearing.
• Provide fiscal oversight for CVB investments, budgets and financial management
• Identify and develop new sources of revenue including the directing of grant activities
• Establish compensation policy and levels consistent with review or overall compensation budget

Program Activities
• Ensure current programs are consistent with the mission and identify new programs and methods to accomplish the mission of the CVB
• Ensure programs and services meet the expectations of the Board, CVB members, and other stakeholders
• Provide oversight and guidance on the development of new programs
• Provide oversight and guidance over Bureau hosted events
• Plan the Bureau’s Tourism Week activities to show the importance of the industry and its impact on the community
• Maintain staff participation in industry training opportunities to ensure current knowledge of the industry and current marketing skills

• Advance the mission, image and visibility of the CVB by maintaining a favorable working relationship, serving as the chief representative of the CVB to all stakeholders, including the Board, staff members, industry association members, media, government and the public to promote a cooperative and harmonious working climate
• Develop and monitor the CVB communication strategy for external positioning of regular press releases and Social Media posts regarding both promotable events and Bureau achievements
• Seek opportunities to speak on the activities of the CVB and industry in general
• Develop with staff reports, publications, presentations, articles and other communications (including web-based and other social media) to disseminate and promote the activities of the CVB
Additional Responsibilities

• Other duties as assigned by the HACVB Board of Directors
• Working knowledge of laws affecting the operation of a political subdivision of the state of Louisiana

Resumes should be mailed to:  Sharon Alford, Houma Area CVB, PO Box 2792, Houma, LA 70361.  Resumes will also be accepted by email to  All resumes must be received no later than November 29th at 4:00 PM.  The HACVB is an EEO employer.