November 17, 2023

Tales from the Trail: C’est Bon Cafe

When visiting C’est Bon Cafe, the parking lot and nearly every table is full, which probably tells you all you need to know about how the locals feel about this spot. One visit, and you’ll understand why.

C’est Bon Cafe is decked in charming and rustic decor, with a touch of nostalgia that makes you feel right at home. It is more than just a place to eat; it’s a community hub with a menu that celebrates Cajun culinary traditions. Every dish tells a story of generations, with recipes passed down through families.

The gumbo, rich and flavorful, is a testament to the complexity of Cajun spices. The jambalaya, another crowd favorite, strikes the perfect balance between hearty and spicy. And for those with an affinity for seafood, the shrimp etouffee is a symphony of flavors that simply cannot be missed.

Many will vouch that the highlight of C’est Bon is the homemade tarte a la bouillie. The tart is infused with the homemade-with-love comfort that is a perfect, sugary-rich button to wrap up a Cajun feast.

Apart from daily dining, C’est Bon Cafe offers catering services, bringing their delicious dishes to weddings, parties and corporate events. They also host special events throughout the year including the monthly Cajun Jam.

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Visit C’est Bon Cafe today or visit any other stop along our Bayou Country Crawfish Trail!