January 27, 2022

Pinchin’ Heads

They say food is what brings people together, and here in Bayou Country, it’s fact.

Whether it’s our water-to-table seafood boils or a hot pot of gumbo at family dinner—food is our love language in these parts. And while it’s no secret that Louisiana is known for its culinary scene, it’s way down the bayous just an hour south of New Orleans that you’ll find one culinary delicacy done right every time—crawfish.

The Bayou Country Crawfish Trail was designed to guide you through an adventure through crawfish culture. Whether it’s traditional hot boil crawfish paired with all the fixin’s laid out on newspaper during “heads season” or stopping in to local markets for boudins, etouffees, pies, and more during “tails season”, the trail has a flavor and experience for everyone to enjoy.

Culinary visitors—use your time in town to eat your way to the best getaway ever! Locals—use the trail to discover hidden gems you may have never heard or tried before. Taste each trail chef’s unique take on this iconic Louisiana staple along your trail map. Once you’re done, come in and redeem your passport for your trophy tee!

So, loosen your belt, bring your appetite, and get ready for a journey you can only have in a place where life is as spiced as the water that flows through our veins. “Louisiana boiled and raised,” we are the Bayou Country Crawfish Trail.