November 22, 2019

Mardi Gras 2020

Mardi Gras is a big deal here in Bayou Country and being the host of Louisiana’s 2nd largest celebration is not something we take lightly. Staying true to our culture, “doing it big” is the way we prefer to ring in the carnival season. King cakes, tailgates, the cool and crisp southern Louisiana winter air, families anxiously gathering up to celebrate the oncoming good times along the 5 mile stretch of parade route—it honestly doesn’t get better than carnival time.
Sure, we have over 13 krewes that make up our stellar spectacle and yes, we start parading almost two whole weeks before Fat Tuesday ever arrives. But, what makes Bayou Country Mardi Gras THE spot to bring out the whole family for a fun time? Well, here’s what you should know…
1. Fun for the whole family – and we do mean the whole family. Whether it’s enjoying the spectacle of a late night celebration with one of our evening parades or making a day out of tailgating along the bayou during a day time parade, every member of your family is guaranteed to “pass a good time.”
2. Grab your biggest bag – Like it’s people, the throws coming from the floats are going to be very generous. Be prepared for more beads than your neck and arms can handle and enough stuffed animals that it’ll feel like a second Christmas. Keep your eye out for super special throws like specialty beads, fairy wings, toys, collectible cups, doubloons, Moon Pies, and hot fries.
3. It really is a spectacle – double decker “New Orleans style” floats drawn in lights with all the familiar tunes of carnival season bursting through the speakers while toting krewes of 350+ people down the route with marching bands and dressed up characters in between can only be called such. Parades in town can host anywhere from 20-30 floats per krewe.
4. Our king cake game is strong – King cake is everywhere in Bayou Country during Mardi Gras. From bakeries to ice cream shops, just about every local food joint will flex their king cake muscle. Stop by Cannata’s Supermarket to pick up a Snickerdoodle Gooey Butter king cake (2019 People’s Choice Winner of the New Orleans King Cake Festival) or Mr. Ronnie’s Donuts (2018 People’s Choice Winner). Scarlet Scoop ice cream shop’s homemade King Cake ice cream will also be a can’t-miss sweet treat.
5. Breathe easier – with massive crowd sizes and spirit associated with traditional New Orleans Mardi Gras, moving slightly south to Bayou Country is the perfect way to get your Mardi Gras fill in an environment more conducive to families. The large stretch of parade route allows for the bigger crowds to spread more easily, free designated parking areas in the historic downtown district and easy parking along the inner city, and the affordable lodging and dining options will help you to make your Mardi Gras experience one you’ll never forget.