February 7, 2023

King Cake Calories Don’t Count

For the best way to enjoy the butter and sugar you’ll give up during Lent, try the crowned jewel of Mardi Gras sweets – King Cake. Traditionally made with a sweet pastry dough, rolled with cinnamon and topped with royal icing and colored sugar, this dessert has evolved in many different ways.

So, you’ve indulged yourself in crawfish and need a little something sweet now, right? You buy a King Cake for yourself, intending to have a slice or two. Next thing you know, the knife finds a permanent home in the box as you sneak a sliver here and there until the entire cake miraculously disappears. Guilty.

Or, your coworker brings their favorite-filled King Cake to the office, and you pray you don’t get the baby, or you’re next to buy, and the vicious cycle of ooey-gooey deliciousness never ends.

Well, loosen your belt buckles and get your taste buds ready. Here’s 20 reasons to enjoy Bayou Country King Cake season.


1. Cannata’s | 6307 W Park Ave or 1977 Prospect Blvd. Houma |

Try the “People’s Choice” winner of the New Orleans King Cake Festival Snikerdoodle Gooey Butter King Cake.


2. Rouse’s | 4 locations in Terrebonne Parish

There’s a reason they’re baking over 500,000 of these bad boys every year.


3. Bertinot’s Best Bakery | 996 W Tunnel Blvd. Houma

These guys are known for their “Chix de Femme” King Cakes with their signature sweet and sticky yellow appearance.


4. OMG Cupcake Factory | 416 Corporate Dr. Houma

19 flavors available for these delicious king cakes known for their delicious softness and delightful fillings.


5. Mr. Ronnie’s | 1171 W Tunnel Blvd Houma

Another “People’s Choice” winner of the New Orleans King Cake Festival, try their donut king cake hybrid, a true local favorite!


6. Chez Cake Bakery | 1297 St. Charles St. Houma

Fresh and delicious king cakes are made daily (and other purple, green, and gold goodies you won’t want to miss).


7. Smoothie King | 3 locations in Terrebonne Parish

Sticking to those New Year’s resolutions? Enjoy a healthier alternative with the King Cake Gladiator Smoothie.


8. Daquiris and Company | 3 locations in Terrebonne Parish

Drive-thru to pick up the seasonal favorite King Cake Freeze-a delicious blend of Smirnoff Cinna-Sugar Twist Vodka and James Harbor Rum.


9. PJs Coffee | 1311 St. Charles St. or 1128 Grand Caillou Rd. Houma

Enjoy the delicious cinnamon and vanilla king cake flavor with the King Cake Latte or Velvet Ice.


10. NY Bagel | 520 Barrow St. Houma

Breakfast just doesn’t get any better than King Cake Pancakes or delicious King Cake Cream Cheese spread on a fresh bagel.


11. Cajun Sweets | 7942 Park Ave Houma

If you’re not in the mood to try one of their king cakes (hello, pecan praline!), then definitely get your hands on the king cake sugar cookie bars-you’re in for a treat!


12. Copeland’s | 1534 Martin Luther King Blvd. Houma

Say it with me now…king…cake…cheesecake… Mmmm!


13. Buchiki’s | 7014 Park Ave Houma

You must try their King Cake Rolls. Handheld treats that are sweet, soft, pillow-y, cinnamon sugar goodness topped with icing. Need we say more?


14. Brooke’s Sno World | 6493 W Main Houma

Ice cream and king cake? Don’t mind if we do. The King Cake Milkshake is the perfect handheld treat for parade watching.


15. Scarlet Scoop | 300 Barrow St. Houma

The locals know, as soon as carnival season begins, it is time to get to Scarlet Scoop for a scoop (or two or three) of their homemade King Cake Ice Cream.


16. Redfish Pizza | 224 South Hollywood Rd Houma

I know what you’re thinking. King cake and pizza just don’t mix. But, the team at Redfish Pizza has found a way to celebrate all things Mardi Gras with the Redfish Mardi Gras Pizza featuring chicken breast, andouille sausage, green peppers, onions, pineapple, mozzarella, pesto, and parmesan.


17. La Carreta | 1327 St. Charles St. Houma

Keeping in line with delicious Mardi Gras themed spirits, La Carreta is featuring a delicious King Cake Martini. To quote the team “it’s everything you love about Mardi Gras, shaken not stirred.”


18. Zen | 1785 Martun Luther King Blvd Houma

Ya’ll…they’ve got king cake fried ice cream…topped with cheesecake sauce. Enough said.


19. Bourgeois Meat Market | 543 W Main St. Thibodaux

The Bourgeois Meat Market Boudin King cake. This beauty is stuffed with their famous homemade boudin and pepper jack cheese and comes with pepper jelly dipping sauce. Bring one of these on the parade route and you’ll be the most popular person around.


20. Cajun Meat Market | 543 W Main St. Thibodaux

Last, but certainly not least, the Cajun Meat Market Crawfish Boudin King cake is stuffed with their homemade crawfish boudin and topped with their famous crawfish queso. Bring one of these on the parade route, and you’ll be the most popular person around.