February 14, 2024

I’ll Have the Gumbo!

Food is often significant in people’s culture, but in Louisiana’s Bayou Country – food is our culture. The weather is unpredictable this time of year, but listen closely, and you will hear the collective sound of Cajuns nearby say, “It’s gumbo weather!”

Gumbo is a dense, thick soup served over a small amount of rice, and if you’re like me – with a giant spoonful of potato salad for a little extra jazz!

With equal parts oil and flour, you create a roux, or the base of the gumbo, and it is often made with what Louisianans call “the holy trinity”—onions, celery and bell peppers. “Gumbo” actually means “okra,” and people use either okra or filé powder (crushed sassafras leaves) as a thickener for the dish. If someone wants the gumbo a little thicker, he or she can always sprinkle some more filé in the soup at the table.

There are two main types of gumbo. There is seafood gumbo which is often made with local Louisiana seafood, and then there is chicken and andouille sausage gumbo, which is my personal favorite. They say that no self-respecting Cajun needs a written recipe for gumbo, and it is just something that is thrown together in the kitchen. Everyone makes gumbo a little bit differently, which is why we suggest trying a bowl wherever you visit in Bayou Country.

If all this talk of gumbo has made you hungry, head over to some of these local favorites to try their take on one of our staple dishes!


The Shack of Houma


1226 Grand Caillou Road, Houma


Melvin’s Restaurant

1023 Saadi Street, Houma


Nadie B’s

3059 West Main Street, Gray


C’est Bon Cafe

1687 Grand Caillou Road, Houma