January 31, 2022

Blame it all on my roots, I showed up in shrimp boots!

As colder weather creeps, everyone is gearing up for “boot weather.” While many across the US break out their favorite pair of snow boots to keep their toes nice and warm, here in Louisiana’s Bayou Country you’ll see many pairs of a cultural classic—the “shrimp boot.” While these white rubber beauties go by many a name (Cajun Reeboks, Cocodrie Converse, and Swamp Nikes just to name a few) they serve a very important purpose here. So, here’s 4 things you should know about the official footwear of South Louisiana.
1. Why are they white? Well, that depends who you ask. Many say it’s a cooler choice for the warm weather we experience for the majority of the calendar year, some claim that the white boots don’t leave scuff marks on your boat, and some will tell you that the white boots show up better in murky waters making it more of a safety feature. But, no matter who you ask, one thing is certain… white boots are always the pick of the litter.
2. What are they used for? When your homeland is made up of over 2,200 sq. miles of coastal marsh and swamp land, things can get REAL messy REAL fast. Be it fishing or trawling on a boat, walking through the marsh, or just doing some yard work after a bit of rain, no one likes wet sloshy feet. They’re also quick to clean with a quick hosing down.  *Tip* always tuck your pants into the top part of the boot for extra protection!
3. Why are they a big deal in Bayou Country? In these parts, many locals and residents still very much live off the land—hunting, trawling, fishing, exploring, and the white shrimp boot has accompanied many of us since we’re small children along the way through these ventures. Thus, the shrimp boot is as much a part of our culture and way of life as a sack of crawfish or Cajun music on a Friday night.
4. You can take a picture with the biggest pair in existence! If you’re browsing through social media and look up #thebigboots, you’ll be happy to know that there’s quite a pair waiting for you to hop on and take a photo with along the Hwy 90 corridor at the Houma Visitors Center, located at 114 Tourist Dr. Gray, LA.