Houma Area Convention & Visitor’s Bureau
Regular Scheduled Meeting Minutes
May 23, 2019

Board Member Attendance
Present                                                                                                     Absent
Andrée Casey – Vice Chair                                                                      Katherine Gilbert – Chair
Dale Norred – Secretary / Treasurer
Charles Wilson, Sr.
Cheri Blanchard
Judy Smart
Brenda Babin
Mary Lynn Bisland
Julie Falgout arrived at 8:38 am
Staff Member Attendance
Sondra Corbitt, Executive Director
Bobbie Smith – Financial / Office Manager
Dillon Hughes – Visitor Services Manager

Call to Order

A. Casey called to order the regular meeting of the HACVB at 8:35 am on Thursday, May 23, 2019 at HACVB Administration building in the Conference Room.

Roll Call
Quorum was present.

Invocation and Pledge of Allegiance:  M. Bisland led the Invocation and A. Casey led the Pledge of Allegiance.

Public to be Heard

No one from the public present to be heard.

Approval of April 2019 Minutes and March 2019 Financial Reports

The April 2019 minutes were approved as presented.  A motion was made by M. Bisland and seconded by B. Babin.
March 2019 Financial reports which include the following reports:

• Balance Sheet

• YTD Income Statement Comparison

• Income Statement Previous Year Comparison

• Income Statement YTD Budget vs. Actual

• Income Statement MTD Budget Performance

These reports were provided prior to the meeting.  The Financial Reports reflect the budget-to-actual comparisons for the General Fund and were approved as provided by motion of B. Babin and seconded by C. Wilson and passed unanimously.

2019 Amended Budget as of 5-9-19

S. Corbitt presented the budget changes which were provided prior to the meeting.  The 2019 Amended Budget as of 5/9/2019 was approved as provided by motion of M. Bisland and seconded by D. Norred and passed unanimously.

Product Development Sponsorship Application: Bayou Terrebonne Distillers

S. Corbitt presented the Bayou Terrebonne Distillers application and recommended a $5,000.00 grant which was provided prior to the meeting.  It was approved as provided by motion of J. Falgout and seconded by B. Babin and passed unanimously.

Staff Meet and Greet:  Dillon Hughes

Dillon Hughes was introduced by S. Corbitt.  Dillon stated that he is the Visitor Services Manager and that he is the first line that greets the visitors and directs them to sign in the guest book as well as answer their questions.  He also mentioned that he just opened a coffee area and that the guests love it.  He also gets bowls of water for the traveler’s animals.

Dillon then showed his talent with creating postcards, brochures and calendar of events.

Executive Director’s Monthly Report
S. Corbitt reviewed her monthly report.  She stated that next month we should see the occupancy rate rise due to the AirBnB’s having to now report and that our tax collections should reflect this as well.

It was motioned to adjourn the meeting at 9:30 am by M. Bisland and seconded by B. Babin and the motion carried.