HACVB Board Meeting September 2018

Houma Area Convention and Visitor’s Bureau
Regular Meeting Minutes
September 27, 2018
Board Members in attendance                                           Absent Board Members
Mary Lynn Bisland – Chairperson                                      Cheri Blanchard
Katherine Gilbert Theriot – Vice Chair                               Andree Buquet-Casey
Dale Norred – Secretary/Treasurer                                   Julie Falgout
Mark Pitre
Charles Wilson, Sr.
Kim Chauvin arrived at 8:55 am
Staff Members in attendance:
Sondra Corbitt – Executive Director
Bobbie Smith – Financial Office Manager
Community Members in attendance:
Mrs. Judy Smart
I. Call to order
M. Bisland called to order the regular meeting of the HACVB at 8:32 am on Thursday,
September 27, 2018 at HACVB Administration building in the Conference Room.
II. Roll call
Quorum was present.
III. Invocation and Pledge of Allegiance:
M. Bisland led the Invocation and M. Bisland led the Pledge of Allegiance.
IV. Public to be Heard
Mrs. Judy Smart said that she just wanted to see what was involved because she was
thinking that she would like to get on the Board.
V. Approval of Minutes and Financial Reports
The August 2018 minutes were approved as presented. A motion was made by D. Norred
and seconded by K. Theriot and passed unanimously.
July 2018 Financial reports which include the following reports:
• Balance Sheet
• YTD Income Statement Comparison
• Income Statement Previous Year Comparison
• Income Statement YTD Budget vs. Actual
• Income Statement MTD Budget Performance
These reports were provided prior to the meeting. The Financial Reports reflect the
budget-to-actual comparisons for the General Fund and were approved as provided by
motion of M. Pitre and seconded by D. Norred and passed unanimously.
VI. Tourism Development: Houma Downtown Christmas Festival
S. Corbitt explained that this was for the lighting and decorations for the Christmas
Festival. All the Board Members were asked if they would like to ride on the float or
participate for the Festival to please contact S. Corbitt as soon as possible. This was
approved as discussed by motion of M. Pitre and seconded by D. Norred and passed
VII. Sponsorship: TPCG – Cast Iron Cook Off presented by the Rotary Club of
This item was tabled until the October 2018 meeting.
VIII. Sponsorship Awarding
S. Corbitt explained the way the awarding of the grant needs to be changed so that the
HACB can help more applicants.
By a motion of D. Norred and seconded by C. Wilson, Sr. the Sponsorship Awarding
was approved to go in effect January 1, 2019 and passed unanimously.
IX. Tourism Grant Application
S. Corbitt stated that she researched the process that other CVB’s were using for the
Tourism Grant Application and stated that she mimicked the way Lake Charles does their
application process. S. Corbitt changed the 5 year limit off. K. Theriot suggested that a
statement be placed in the Evaluation Criteria section stating that this will be determined
by examining market conditions and past performance.
K. Chauvin arrived at 8:55 am.
M. Pitre motioned to accept this proposal with the reflected changes and it was
seconded by K. Theriot and it passed unanimously.
X. Executive Director’s Monthly Report
S. Corbitt presented her report which touched on the Occupancy Rate; Surplus Items, Lt.
Governor’s Summit, Christmas Parade and the upcoming LTA Lunch-n-Learn.
K. Chauvin brought up a discussion concerning Step-on Guides. It was suggested that
the entire Board and Staff recommend members of the community that would be
interested in this line of work. It was also mentioned that Hal is putting together a Stepon
Guide Program Training. S. Corbitt will contact Jonathan Foret and Ragan Creppel
for suggestions as well.
S. Corbitt also mentioned that she will be including in the 2019 Budget, the purchase of
a new vehicle or maybe two to replace the current vehicles that were purchased in 2011
and have over 100K miles and costly repairs.
S. Corbitt also spoke about the HACVB researching demographics, whether it is a leisure
or business travel destination. This will give insight as to which area to target the
advertising market segments. It will also take into consideration the amount spent on
current advertising.
S. Corbitt and K. Theriot are to identify deficiencies for growth in the Retirement
Community. S. Corbitt spoke to Linda Curtis Sparks at the Summit to find out what
methods she has incorporated.
S. Corbitt’s report contains her upcoming schedule for the rest of September and October.
XI. Adjournment
It was motioned to adjourn the meeting at 9:17 am by D. Norred and seconded by K.
Theriot and the motion carried.