December Meeting Minutes 2022

Houma Area Convention & Visitors Bureau
Regular Schedule Meeting Minutes
December 15, 2022

I. Board and Staff Member Attendance
Present: Staff:
Cheri Blanchard -Chair Sondra Corbitt
Julie Falgout – Vice Chair Lindsey Loupe
Joshua Ellender-Treasurer
Andree’ B. Casey
Gary Williams Sr.
William Bisland Board Absent:
Judy Smart Katherine Theriot
Margie Scoby

II. Meeting call to order: C. Blanchard called the meeting to order at 8:41 a.m.
III. Roll Call: Quorum was present.
IV. Invocation and Pledge of Allegiance: W. Bisland led the board in the Invocation. C. Blanchard led the board in the Pledge of Allegiance.
V. Public to be heard: no one was present.
VI. Approval of November’s Minutes: J. Ellender moved to approve November’s Minutes. Seconded by: W. Bisland. Motion passed.
VII. Approval of October 2022 Financials: The financial statements, including the budget to actual comparison for the general fund, for the month of October 2022 were presented by S. Corbitt. W. Bisland moved to approve the October 2022 Financials. Seconded by: J. Falgout. Motion passed.
VIII. 2023 Executive Committee Approval: C. Blanchard presented the slate of officers for the 2023 Executive Committee. A. Casey moved to approve the slate of officers for the 2023 Executive Committee as presented. Seconded by: G. Williams. Motion passed. Board voted on 2023 Executive Committee as presented:
• A. Casey – yay
• C. Blanchard – yay
• J. Falgout – yay
• K. Theriot – absent
• J. Ellender – yay
• W. Bisland – yay
• J. Smart – yay
• M. Scoby – yay
• G. Williams – yay
All in favor; motion passed. The South Louisiana Bank account removal of C. Blanchard
and adding W. Bisland for account number 1901206 starting January 1st, 2023. Two bank signatures required on all checks.
IX. 2023 Authorized Signature Approval: S. Corbitt provided an overview. J. Falgout moved to approve the 2023 Authorized Signature Approval. Seconded by: J. Smart. Motion passed.
X. Executive Director’s Report: S. Corbitt provided the monthly report. Discussion: Louisiana Culinary Trails, Keep Louisiana Beautiful, downtown walk-through study, Jonathan Guidry sports ambassador, Visitor Center updates, Marketing updates, Sales updates, Toy Drive update, group tours, Louey Award Submissions with Louisiana Travel Association, and occupancy reports.
XI. Board Announcements: Seafood industry, kayak park, dog park, Ramada Inn update, levee tours, sponsorships, Rougarou Festival, and Hero Fest.
XII. Adjournment: A. Casey moved to adjourn. Seconded by J. Falgout. Motion passed. Meeting adjourned at 9:40 a.m.