November 10, 2022

Tailin’ The Crawfish Trail

With so many delicious ways to serve up crawfish throughout ‘Tails’ season – pies, gumbos, pasta, nachos, and more – we’ve got a lot of ground to cover to show you our favorite crawfish and seafood dishes!


Mr. Po-Boy

You’ve got to try this Louisiana staple – the fried shrimp po-boy! Stuffed with fried seafood and fully dressed, this sandwich may leave your hands messy but your heart happy!


A-Bear’s Cajun Cafe

We highly recommend trying the seafood gumbo next time you’re in town! Everyone has their own unique spin on the dish, and no two gumbos are the same.


Cajun Critters

Cajun Shrimp Monica Sauce spooned over a fried catfish filet… need I say more?


And that’s just a few! Visit for a full list of all Crawfish Trail partners.